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Wild Horses: Understanding the Natural Lives of Horses
A Photographic & Musical Journey

Preview of our DVD, Wild Horses: Understanding the Natural Lives of HorsesThis DVD will delight both horse lover and professional horseman with beautiful photographs, inspiring music and simple science about the social ecology of horses.Journey into the world of wild horses and learn how horses really live together. Discover how important family and friends are to horses and how these relationships can last a life time and influence equine culture from herd to herd. Learn what is important to horses from their family bonds to their rhythms and diets. Understand little known behaviors such as the gentleness of stallions, the strong bonds between siblings, the various personalities within a group, the types of communication and the diverse behaviors of various herds.If you wish to order more than two copies of this DVD, please email me at

By supporting this DVD, you are contributing to the research and documentation of the last remaining wild horse herds in North America.

35 minutes

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Guestbook for Wild Horses: Understanding the Natural Lives of Horses DVD
Deborah Hurley(non-registered)
Barbara and Mary Ann the DVD "Wild Horses Understanding the Natural lives of Horses" is just such a fabulous DVD the children in my daughters class (even the most fidgety boys) loved it and had a ton to say about it. after veiwing the class opened up a great conversation about animals and responsibilities and how their family lives are so much like our own, just brilliant and beautiful. i also played it as a background for a dinner party and found the same results with the grown ups! lol. my intention was to simply have your beautiful pic.s playing but it sucked my guests in and again we had a great i was so happy to spread the love of wild horses to my non horsey guests. Thank you again for making it :) I am sure i will continue to find lots of ways to have a good time playing it for friends and family. Thank you for all the love and hard work you put into making that it shows!
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