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Broad-billed Hummingbird B153613Leucistic Red-winged Blackbird M7430cGreater Sandhill Crane M4437Little Blue Heron, juvenile M140306Elegant Trogon M165419American Goldfinch M1190Anna's Hummingbird fledgling M4959Great Horned Owl Fledglings M0646Cedar Waxwing M3108Western Meadowlark M0717Black-necked Stilt M0650Great Egret M149581Yellow Warbler B0029Magnificent Hummingbird M155113Ferruginous Hawk M131501Summer Tanager M140926Bushtit M2097California Quail rooster & hens M8479Rufous Hummingbird M5134Cassin's Finch M8663

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joanne hesser(non-registered)
Wonderful bird shots! So envious of your ability to capture some of these great shots! I love them all, but have such a fondness of the owls! thanks so much!
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