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Barbara and Marty Wheeler are nature photographers with a strong emphasis on wild horses.

Barbara started photographing as a youngster with her Brownie camera, never dreaming that some forty years later she would spend a good share of her time immersed in photography.

In 1998, Barbara insisted Marty get a hobby. He chose photography and enrolled in a class. She went along to keep him company and the rest is history.

Both Barbara and Marty grew up in the country and spent large portions of their childhood hiking the mountains of northern California. Those mountains are rich in scenery and wildlife, giving them both a deep love for the outdoors as well as for wildlife.

Marty studied wildlife management in college, graduating with an AA degree. Photography is a natural extension of his background.

They spent their first years as bird and wildlife photographers and have had their images published in periodicals, in online magazines and on the web. They are proud to have contributed over 100 images to the book, “Malheur’s Legacy: Celebrating a Century of Conservation, 1908-2008”, a book about Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon.

In the course of spending thousands of hours in Malheur over the past thirteen years, they discovered the wild mustangs of that area. At first, it was an off and on love. However, in the past five years, more and more time has been spent photographing and observing the wild horse herds in the western United States. Barbara retired in 2008 and they now travel all over the west photographing various herds and hope to expand their travels even more over the next few years.

The mustangs have become a passion for both photographers. Though they continue to enjoy photographing landscapes, birds and wildlife, mustangs have become a very important part of their lives. They feel it is the responsibility of photographers and other wild horse observers to educate the public on wild horses.

You can find them at local art shows, horse shows and on Facebook sharing their stories and photos of the horses they love.

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