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6.skip. jarvis(non-registered)
What is price for this picture is
5.Carin Chambers(non-registered)
I want to nominate the one you just posted of the hillside is spectacular...I know I'm supposed to have a number??? but I could
't figure that part love what you do ...thank you. I wish we could do a custom calendar ......I would do multiple horses per month ...
4.kathy hartlieb(non-registered)
I absolutely love your pictures, and that you share them with others is wonderful. I can't just pick one and say that it is my favorite because I love them all. I am so glad that I got to see you and speak with you yesterday, at the Purdy Show.
Oh my gosh, Barbara..these are beautiful pictures and even more stunning Horses! Thanks for sharing this site.

I would love, love, love a Calendar made. Do you do that, as well? I could tell you which 12 pictures I'd like. That would be awesome!

Tina from Virginia Mason
2.lori allred(non-registered)
just breath takingly beautiful
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