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Don't know where to start or what you want? These are a hundred or so of our favorite photos over the years. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
Red fox M0011Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!California Quail B6505Black-crested Titmouse M143559South Steens Wild Horses M02482Teton Sunset B2scmm canvasRed Desert M126730Anna's Hummingbird fledgling M4959Muledeer buck M7740Glacier RainbowWyoming wild horses B5019Sodhouse Ranch M0742Fish Creek Wild Horses B130298 canvasCalifornia Quail rooster & hens M8479Cedar Waxwing M0500Bobcat M1168South Steens wild horses M3759Kiger Mustang M6551Great Blue Heron in Hoh Rainforest B99SSGreat Egrets M140593-4ce canvas